1 million kava trading airdrop


Earn KAVA by trading Kava Coins daily over the next 10 days.

There is a daily pool of 100,000 Kava Coins to give out. 100,000 Kava Coins each day will be evenly distributed to all wallets that conduct a trade.

Starts 12:00AM EST, July 27. Ends 11:59PM EST, August 6.

1 Million Kava Coins will be given out over the next 10 days (100,000 Kava per Day) to anyone who trades (buy/sell) KAVA. You will receive your KAVA Bonus within 3 days after daily trading has been calculated. Invite your friends and family to get a KAVA wallet and you both can earn KAVA.

Example 1: If 10 people trade KAVA during Day 1, each wallet will earn 10,000 KAVA from a pool of 100,000 Kava Coins that day. (100,000 KAVA ÷ 10 wallets = 10,000 KAVA per wallet)
Example 2: If 50 people trade KAVA during Day 10, each wallet will earn 2,000 KAVA from a pool of 100,000 Kava Coins that day. (100,000 KAVA ÷ 50 wallets = 2,000 KAVA per wallet)

Trade Amount — You must trade a minimum of 1 Kava Coin
Wallet Balance — You must maintain a minimum balance of 1,000 KAVA at the end of each day to qualify*
*If you do not have 1,000 KAVA to maintain the minimum balance, you can get 1,000 KAVA today by playing our CasinoLife Poker App or buying KAVA on an exchange.

We are currently listed on Stellarport Exchange and Interstellar Exchange. See the below tutorials on how to buy KAVA.

Tutorials— Stellarport
How to buy KAVA Coins on Stellarport: https://medium.com/kavacoin/how-to-buy-kava-coins-on-stellarport-646c0d0e27df
How to transfer KAVA Coins from the in-game wallet to Stellarport: https://medium.com/kavacoin/how-to-transfer-kava-coins-from-our-in-game-wallet-to-stellarport-a4c5189519c9