AdSigma(ADSi) 10 Free Token


AdSigma is the next generation Digital Display Advertising platform that is carefully driving blockchain technology to revolutionize the digital advertising space, which is currently dominated by the advertising networks, who have annual revenue of over $200 billion.

The AdSigma Token (ADSi) is a utility token with which advertisers can buy digital display advertisement on web/app properties, and publishers can monetize their apps/websites using AdSigma platform.


1 ADSi = 0.0003 ETH. This makes the 10 ADSi worth around $1.6 even with the worse ETH price currently.

How to claim you free 10 ADSi Token

Start the Telegram bot

Join Telegram @AdSigma
Click “Wallet” and check participation in Telegram group. Click it again to enter ETH address.
Enter your E-Mail
Come back after 24 hours to verify your account