Bidium - Free 300 BIDM Token


A Crypto Exchange dedicated to Auction and Hiring by empowering Bidders and Employers

BIDIUM is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which combines the power of Advance Auction with Freelance Hiring on top of Blockchain Technology. It acts as a bidding marketplace for buyers to purchase by bidding and a freelance platform to employers, who are looking to hire freelancers.


The platform offers an adequate exchange solution along with an effective freelance platform backed up with an interactive interface to make it a delightful experience for the users.

The revenue will be distributed among all BIDM token holders i.e. usually stored on the BIDIUM wallet. The platform facilitates light and fast trading technique with 50% generated revenue from trading.

No transaction fee for the selling, purchasing, hiring and trading on BIDIUM platforms users.

Steps to claim free token

Sign Up
Verify your mail
Join Telegram @Bidium
Wait for whitelisting through admin


You only receive the 300 BIDM if you buy tokens as bonus.


New and hope it outshines it’s peers in the industry


Just claimed mine now. Thanks :heart_eyes:


Decentralized exchange, that’s what the cryptocurrency community really needs