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Coinomi is a secure multcoin cryptocurrency wallet which supports over 110 altcoin and available as an andriod app with the IOS version for non-Android users currently in Beta.

What makes Coinomi one of the best bitcoin wallets out there are some of its great features which are:
icons8-natural-user-interface-2-96Coinomi is User-Friendly

Coinomi has a great User interface and can easily be used by anyone. Coinomi wallet is one of those few apps built with User Experience in mind. With just a single click, you can easily create a new wallet to receive any other coin, exchange coin securely without leaving the app and perform so many other inbuilt functionalities.

icons8-synchronize-96 Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinomi comes with an inbuilt instant cryptocurrency exchange powered by Spaceshift and Changelly which allows users to exchange cryptocurrency with a low transaction fee.

icons8-privacy-96 Privacy

No personal details are needed in order to access your fund, you can seamlessly perform a transaction without any kind of association with your real-world identity. Your spending of funds is totally anonymous as No KYC bureaucracy to access your funds, no IP association, no identity linking or transactions tracking.

icons8-language-96Multilingual & HyperLocal
Coinomi supports English, Chinese, Russian and many other languages supported, with more translations coming soon.


Your private keys are stored on your device for extra security and easily backed up through recovery phrase. Strong wallet encryption and cryptography guarantee that your funds will remain safe under your ultimate control.

icons8-data-recovery-96One-Time Backup (HD Wallet BIP44)
Backing up your wallet is very simple, click backup, write down the recovery phrase and store it somewhere safe. It’s easy to restore your account when your device is lost by just inputting the backup phrase.

Guide To Creating A Coinomi Wallet Account
Download the latest version from google playstore, check to make sure you are downloading the right one or better still download here

Launch the app and write out your recover phrase somewhere safe. This is very important if you loose your recovery phrase your wallet cannot be recovered. Once done, click checkbox to confirm you have safely stored your recovery phrase then click Next

Now type out your 18-word recovery phrase in order of appearance. Create a password (highly recommended) and select coins you wish to add. Coinomi also supports ER20 tokens ad allows you to manually add tokens by clicking on +Tokens

Coinomi has lots of great features for you to explore, Try it out and drop a feedback on how it went

icons8-notification-48 Have you tried Coinomi wallet, how was your experience?

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And here is my biggest problem…i lost both password and phase…over 1000 usd stock for over 9months now…i hate this…i need help please.


@retin.afuobi Can you be more specific . Let’s see i can help you.
I have a friend over at coinomi who I can contact