Cryptocurrency Airdrops Beginner Guide!


Firstly, what is an airdrop?

An airdrop is an event where a blockchain project distributes free tokens to the crypto community for helping them share the word of their cryptocurrency to build a community around it and let it grow. This form of marketing campaign by new projects has gained much popularity since September 2017.

An airdrop just includes registering on a website and filling some information like email, cryptocurrency address and sharing referrals and you will earn some amount of coins which you can exchange to BTC, ETH, LTC and other cryptocurrencies.

How to go about airdrops?

When you receive an airdrop you will be asked for some requirements which you would have to follow, some of these include your ETH wallet address, name, phone number, email and some other things, some might ask you to join telegram groups, channels, tweet about their cryptocurrency, follow facebook page, follow on Instagram etc just to spread the word about their coin.

You will receive free tokens of this coin of which you can sell later when it becomes listed on an exchange. To register an airdrop just complete the requirements and make sure you have the basic things such as a Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum wallet, Twitter account, Email, Telegram account.

Recommended wallet for Airdrop

Always use an ERC20 wallet for which you control your private key. Never use ETH wallets from any Exchange otherwise you will lose your airdrop tokens.

Our recommendations are MyEtherwallet , ImToken App, Metamask and Coinomi wallet

Keeping Track
We know the stress of having to use different email and password on lots of airdrops site, So we created a spreadsheet you can use to keep track of all airdrops you have participated in.

With this, you can be able to store all your details in your google drive. If you are like me and you participate in lots of airdrops daily, then you will need this for keeping all your details. As long as your google drive account is secured, you are completely safe.

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