[DAILY AIRDROP] Claim 100 Free Tokens Every Day On ADZBuzz And Earn Daily Cryptocurrency Dividends


What Is ADZbuzz?

ADZbuzz is one of crypto’s biggest secrets. A fully working platform that has been built from the ground up for the last 2 years with a growing user-base and with numerous angles to go viral and become one of the biggest social media platforms on the planet.

A combination of Feedly, Reddit and Steemit, ADZbuzz users are able to organize the content of all their favorite sites in feeds, allowing them to browse through the latest content of all sites in one place. (and this is just one of many features)

The really interesting part is that both ADZbuzz users and the publishers whose content gets read earn daily cryptocurrencies on the ADZbuzz platform.

How To Earn On ADZbuzz?

Every member that joins and visits ADZbuzz is able to claim 100 ADZbuzz Community Tokens (ACT’s) every single day!
ACT’s can be:

  1. Held to earn daily crypto dividends
  2. Sold for ADZ, BTC or ETH on the ADZbuzz Exchange

Just remember, claiming 100 tokens and using the ADZbuzz Platform is 100% Free!

How To Claim Your Daily Tokens?

 Step 1: Join ADZbuzz here: https://adzbuzz.com
 Step 2: Visit The Own A Community Page here: https://adzbuzz.com/own-a-community
 Step 3: Click The “Claim” Button Next To The Tokens You Want

 Step 4: Claim Your 100 Daily Tokens

Rinse and repeat this process every day to grow your daily cryptocurrencies!

What are you waiting for?

Join ADZbuzz Today and grow your cryptocurrency holdings one day at a time!

All the best,
The ADZbuzz Team