Ethx ICO: Making Blockchain Accessible to the Masses



Greetings from!

We are happy to announce that our pre-ico sale has commenced. During this pre-sale you will get the opportunity to avail a 20% discount on the coins, in case you had whitelisted yourself earlier, you get a discount of 25%.

1 ETHX= 0.0005 ETH

The Pre-sale closing date is 7th July 2018. Hurry and grab the opportunity to participate in the hottest token sale for the season.

You can use the ETHX coin for :

  1. Trading- we will be listing on more than 32 exchanges post 1st of August.
  2. To pay the crypto withdrawal fee on (Global crypto to fiat exchange)
  3. To pay as transaction fees on
  4. For goods and services in real time post the launch of the merchant services.

For more detail join us