Evolution+ gamify Airdrop


:radioactive: Join the Evolution+ Airdrop :radioactive:

Evolution+ is a first decentralized gamification platform to increase user engagement and activity. This project allows anyone to easily implement game mechanics in any website or web service. The platform supports smart-contracts and includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), which explore users’ activity and predicts their behaviour.

Evolution+ is airdropping from 16 EVP to individual accounts.
ICO token price: 1 EVP = 1 USD

How to join?

  1. Sign up on https://evolution.plus
  2. Open Bounty section
  3. Open missions and follow the instructions in the description

• Signing Up +5 EVP
• Telegram Bot activation +2 EVP
• Following Facebook +2 EVP
• Following Twitter +2 EVP
• Subscribe to the newsletter +2 EVP
• Ethereum wallet registration +1 EVP
• Attract a new member via a referral link +1 EVP (and additional bonuses)

With the successful completion of missions your XPs and level will grow. This will give you additional privileges in the system. Sometimes you will receive new missions.