FluzFluz Telegram Airdrop (till end of JUNE)


FluzFluz is a cash-back network. And in few short weeks, FluzFluz Network Seat activation event will start. So, in order to grow our community and help already existing community members secure more Network seats we are announcing FluzFluz Premier Seats Airdrop.

Every new community member, that will qualify for the airdrop, will get 50 Fluzcoin tokens from our partner Fluzcoin.io. And every existing FLUZ token holder who referred new community member will get additional 100 FLUZ tokens towards their Network Seat.

NOTE: FLUZ tokens generated during the campaign will be stored in your Fluz Fluz Premier Seats activation platform, they won’t be deposited as ERC-20 token and you won’t be able to sell them - only use for FLUZ seat activation.

So, join FluzFluz, claim your seat in the Network and start earning money helping others save!

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