Free 10 Apollo (DAE) Token


High-tech digital asset exchange. Creating the future of crypto trading.

Apollo will offer two digital assets. The first, and primary token, is the Apollo DAE Token which enables users to pay for exchange fees directly on our platform. Additionally, the token can be bought and sold on various partner exchanges to be announced soon.

The second token offered will be used to conduct voting directly on our exchange platform. Using tokens to conduct voting helps ensure a fair process with no manipulation. More information about both of these tokens will become available as our ICO nears!

Exchange Features:

Lower Fees
Massive savings just by switching to Apollo and using our DAE token system. Users will save a minimum of 25% in fees compared to other exchanges

24/7 Customer Service
You may never need to contact customer support, but in the rare case that you do, we will be here 24/7 to answer or resolve any issues. Other exchanges won’t respond to you for weeks and even months!

Liquid Order Book
Our system will connect 3rd party exchanges in order to provide users a vast amount of orders to market trade against, from day 1. No need to wait months for our exchange to build up the volume you need to trade with.

New Order Types
Created specifically for Apollo users, these secret new order types will help investors trade smarter, and protect users from big losses while staying open to huge gains.

Knowledge Base
A resource to learn about and research digital assets and trading techniques. Quickly find an assets market-cap, team information, latests updates, goals, sentiment and more. Learn how to trade or increase your skills.

Easy Accounts
Simple sign up process, can even create an anonymous account. Quick verifications using Civic for traders that need to deposit and withdraw FIAT. Even eliminate passwords and signing in with the use of Remme!

Apollo Airdrop( Free 10 DAE)

How to participate in the airdrop? Participation in this airdrop is through telegram, so log in to your telegram account and visit:

Talk to Apollo DAE Airdrop bot, Enter your email and ETH wallet address(check Airdrop Beginners guide for recommended wallet) and get your free token.


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