The Biggest Cryptocurrency Scams


A Compiled List of biggest cryptocurrency scams in history. More will come, stay alert and don’t fall for it.

Pincoin and iFan
$660 million, Vietnam
Two ICO campaigns were led by one firm called Modern Tech. They are classified as a multilevel marketing scam. As many as 32,000 investors have been affected.

$30 million; China, Thailand
Financial pyramid. A few countries had warned their citizens against investing in it. The international investigation is still underway.

$15 million, the U.S.
Investment program. Organizers promised investors a 1,300% profit per month. The funds have been frozen, and the founder has been arrested.

$15 million, the U.S.
Investment program-based multilevel marketing. The ICO was shilled by Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled. The founders have been arrested.

$0.7 million, the U.S.
Financial pyramid. Closed lending and exchange platform. Clients’ lawsuits are piling up.


What an eye opener, keep the flag flying Martinez