Unboxed Airdrop


Want a share of the 36 billion that brands spend annually on social media advertising? Unboxed is a blockchain based network where people like you get paid to post. Join today and start getting paid for engaging with the brands you love.

And because we love to share, Unboxed is giving away $1 000 000 worth of NBOX tokens to airdrop participants. Each user will be able to earn up to 4500 Unboxed tokens by participating in every level of our airdrop, and 25-100 points for every referral. ICO token price: 1 NBOX = $0.057

Step by step guide:

1, Sign up on airdrop page with your email or with one of your social media accounts. www.unboxed.network
2. Complete some simple tasks, like joining Facebook, Twitter, Telegram etc. There will be 4 easy levels, each with different tasks.
3. Refer friends to earn 25-100 points for every friend you refer


1500 Influence points = 250 NBOX
5000 influence points = 850 NBOX
10,000 influence points = 1750 NBOX
20,000 influence points = 3500 NBOX
30,000+ influence points = 4500 NBOX


Nice. how do i signup