Verasity Token Airdrop!


Verasity a next-generation video sharing platform designed to liberate creators and benefit viewers is giving away 10 million VERA Tokens to 25,000 people!

Verasity is a disruptive next-generation video-sharing platform. Taking the best elements from traditional models such as advertising, SVOD and crowdfunding, our decentralized blockchain takes intermediaries out of the equation and keeps value within the community.

Our patent pending “Proof-of-View” technology ensures only legitimate video views get committed to the blockchain. On Verasity, viewers determine the value of content by their consumption - rather than third-parties or advertisers.

Viewers are rewarded with VERA cryptocurrency for watching and sharing videos. If they choose to watch adverts the rewards increase.

The platform gives creators and publishers a variety of monetization solutions to choose from including donations, pay-per-view, and subscriptions. Creators can also opt to sell ‘VeraSparks’ in their channel and accelerate their growth. The users who buy them from the ‘Spark Marketplace’ then share in a channel’s on-going financial success.

How to participate in the Airdrop

Visit the Airdrop site

Fill the Airdrop form
Join Telegram channel
Share on Facebook

Once max capacity is reached the airdrop will close Don’t miss your chance to claim your tokens - carry out the steps above.
Token will be distributed at the end of the ICO


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