WandX is airdroping 300 WANDNEO tokens this July


:fire: !!Airdrop Alert!! :fire:

WandX - a fast-growing decentralized platform on Ethereum for creating and trading tokens and token products is extending into NEO and launching a DEX on NEO soon. In addition to the multi-purpose, cross-platform capabilities, WandX is also launching a wallet that encompasses both its DEXs on Ethereum and NEO - a first in the crypto space.

To know more about the development, read the founder’s note here.

Supporting this launch, WandX is conducting an AIRDROP-ONLY DISTRIBUTION of the new WANDNEO Tokens.

WANDNEO tokens can be staked on the new WandX NEO DEX to get a percentage of the transaction fee.

To participate,

  1. Join the WandX telegram group
  2. Follow WandX on Twitter
  3. Register on this link starting 24th July
  4. Download the new WandX wallet starting 10th Aug

Once installed, participants, upon verification, will receive 300 WANDNEO tokens to their wallet starting 10th Aug 2018.

Total supply of WANDNEO: 100 million

Total supply that goes into circulation: 25 million

For more details about the airdrop: Visit the link in point 3.


More about the WANDNEO airdrop in the official Telegram group and the Twitter channel of the company:

Telegram: https://t.me/wandxbeta
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WandXDapp