What cryptocurrencies should you definitely not invest in?


No one can actually give you a definite answer. But what you can do is take a look at the Weiss agency’s rating that has been made public for the first time.

The following coins got an “E,” which is the lowest grade:

  • Auroracoin
  • Comet
  • Electroneum
  • Expanse
  • Matchpool
  • Megacoin
  • Novacoin
  • Quark
  • SaluS

“Developers want a grade based exclusively on what their cryptocurrency project has achieved in terms of technology and adoption, regardless of market fluctuations. In contrast, investors seem to be more interested in how much money they can make or lose. Our overall Weiss Rating is a blend of both. But now, we are also breaking out the components so users can better understand what’s under the hood,” said Weiss Ratings’ creator Martin Weiss.

Among cryptocurrencies whose market cap exceeds $5 billion, only seven were graded “B” or higher. They are Bitcoin, Cardano, EOS, Ether, Ripple, Stellar, and TRON. Not a single coin received an “A,” the highest score.


Thanks for the heads - up. I have always have this reservations about Electroneum - never seemed to see it’s real place and worth.

Thanks a bunch