What Is A Whitepaper


A white paper is a document providing detailed information about how a blockchain project operates. This paper describes the technical side of the project thoroughly, as well as gives an in-depth insight into the current market situation, growth forecasts, and terms of token issuance and usage. It also includes the lists of team members, investors, and project advisors.

The most popular white paper is that of Bitcoin—Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System—which was published on October 31, 2008, by Satoshi Nakamoto. The idea of Bitcoin is outlined in nine pages and resembles more of an academic paper.


White Paper Structure

Here are sections that a document, which provides detailed information about how a blockchain project operates, may consist of:

Abstract. A brief insight into the project;
Background. What it all started from;
Introduction. Overview of the market and possible use cases of a blockchain;
Marketing Analysis. More in-depth market analysis, market growth potential, and existing competitors;
Introduction to Product. What product, service, or project developers offer;
Product Specific Section. A detailed outline of the product and its aim and value;
Technical Specification. Technical aspects of the product;
Use Cases. How the product may be applied in practice;
Pre-ICO. Presale of the tokens (if any);
ICO. Includes terms of participation for investors;
Roadmap. What the stages of the project development are, and when they will be implemented;
Financial Projections. What the investment will be spent on;
Team. Top management, advisors, key employees, and their experience;


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