ySign Airdrop Free 10 YSN token


ySign is a new blockchain-based global platform for free communication and discrete conversations with 100% privacy, created as an opportunity to stay anonymous and secure.


With ySign app, you can send messages and make phone calls to others free, secure and anonymous!. Instead of storing your chat communications or calls on a central server, ySign uses blockchain technology for decentralized file sharing to carry and distribute encrypted messages.

The decentralized blockchain is our way to secure and guarantee users total privacy during the exchange of information. If there is no centralized copy of all data, there is also no possibility to misuse any information about users. Also, the application doesn’t require any personal information from users – users are registered just with username and password.

How to participate in the airdrop?

Sign up new account
Click “Affiliate” (top menu)
Join @ysign_en Telegram group
Fill in airdrop form‎

In the main sale stage 1 YSN = 0.00084 ETH. The 10 YSN which you receive are currently worth around $5.


Just signed up now. Thanks


Still on,just claimed mine




sounds interesting to me